Businesses need to be aware and prepared if they have ever been hit by white-collar crime, organized crime, industrial espionage or industrial espionage. Few companies are prepared for this because of their lack of professional experience and technical capabilities. In particular, in international investigations, law enforcement agencies often can not leverage the resources needed to successfully conduct investigations and thus limit the damage.

Investigation is decision support. The need for investigation arises in a wide variety of situations. A wrong decision, a mistake, be it in relation to companies or people, is much more expensive than previous investigations, which provide the right information for the right decision. We support our customers in the following areas:

White Collar Crime:

– Investigations on loss of information and intellectual property
– Investigating criminal behavior and extracting evidence that could be used in court (for example, in cases of fraud, anticompetitive behavior, corruption)
– Identification, analysis and quantification of economic damage through the integration of auditing and investigation.
– Pursuit and repatriation of assets.
– Combating insurance and investment fraud.
– Review of dubious documents and computers
– Examination of anonymous comments

Trademarks & Competition Law:

– Combating product and brand piracy
– Tracking of goods routes and cash flows
– Detecting the production sites
– Identification of the Perpetrators
– Internet Research and monitoring
– Support in the preparation of legal measures

Bankruptcy Law:

– Localization and identification of lost assets

Assistance with legal proceedings:

JANUS assists clients with information gathering, finding and securing evidence in cases of national and international white-collar crime. The skills of our consultants are useful in detecting fraud, bribery, money laundering and corruption:

– Assistance in obtaining evidence that can be used in court
– Identification and recovery of assets
– Analysis of interests, motivations and conflicts