“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.”

Warren Buffett, legendary investor
Before, during and after the crisis 

A crisis is a surprising event that requires quick decisions. The pressure of time increases, events overlap, uncertainty grows, and stress increases as the decision-making and negotiation relationships change constantly. 

Integrated support:

before, during and after the crisis 

Proactive action:

We act before the crisis in the environment of the company. 

Preventive action:

We act before the crisis in the company. 

Reactive action:

In the crisis, we act by taking aggressive action to prevent internal and / or external attacks, including the necessary crisis communication. 

Future-oriented action:

We act after the crisis. Damage limitation and optimization of standards. Development of pro-active measures and preparation of answers. 

In a corporate emergency: 

JANUS provides operational support in complex and difficult crisis situations. These range from the direct guidance of the company’s own employees to the management of the concrete crisis. We assists in the conception and establishment of on-site situation-adapted crisis management and crisis communication tools regading challenges such as: 

– Blackmail

– Incidents

– Kidnapping & Ransom Claim

– Criticism from interest groups

– Problems with the employees

– Media Reports on scandals or takeover attempts

– Damage Limitation and optimization of standards

– Planning and implementation of active countermeasures and strategies

– Recovery of information and opinion leadership. 

In case of a product emergency: 

Any incident related to your company’s products carries the risk of material and immaterial damages. JANUS supports you with

– Product contamination

– Product recalls

– Product extortion. 

We support you in such complex and difficult crisis situations from the first to the last minute and also offer operational support. These range from direct instruction of the company’s own employees to coping with a specific crisis.