OUR HISTORYThe Story Of Our Success

Success is a journey, not a destination. It requires constant effort, vigilance and reevaluation.

Mark Twain, American writer

JANUS is the God of Vigilance. Vigilance is the basis for Security. Security is the basis for Success.

JANUS Consulting is a leading internationally operating German Private Intelligence and Security Advisory Firm with offices in Germany, Morocco and South Africa.

JANUS helps its customers to identify and neutralize potential threats. Our experts are well-versed in combating all forms of enterprise threats. Integrity, professionalism, legal commitment and confidentiality are the principles of our work.

We support you through coaching, project management and interim mandate. We always take full responsibility for our actions. We ensure the highest personal commitment to our clients.



The Beginning of a Human Adventure

JANUS Consulting is created by a small team of proven Security and Intelligence Professionals. The first cases are small, honor and reputation need to be earned.


First Mayor Recognition

JANUS plays an important role in defending the interests of a corporation that has become the target of an SEC investigation. The company is best known to many business insiders for our outstanding investigation results in the fight against corruption and white-collar crime.



JANUS provides safe return for a leading European Consortium to the Iraq War Zone for resuming business activities on site.



JANUS becomes well known in professional circles for discreet and effective handling of complex cases of white-collar crime and industrial espionage.




JANUS becomes a reliable business partner for international brand groups, which we help identify and fight brand counterfeiting and product piracy


Integrity pays

JANUS becomes one of the pioneers in preventive Investigations such as Compliance Investigations, Integrity and M&A Due Diligence Checks, Executive Pre-Employment and Business Partner Screenings.


To the Top

JANUS starts with providing interim top management services as Chief Compliance Officer or Chief Executive Officer for companies that want to be on the safe side regarding Governance, Risk and Compliance to be able to focus fully on devellpoing their business potential.


15 years of success in the market

JANUS has become an established business partner and internationally recognized brand. JANUS experts are regularly quoted by national and international media