The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.

Aristotle Onassis, Greek shipping magnate

Globalization means additional dangers and opportunities. The answer lies in heightened vigilance and a willingness to constant innovation. The success of a business is also based on a very good overall knowledge of its competitors, technologies, customers and the markets.

Only those companies that are better informed and earlier than their environment can successfully adapt to new situations: obtain information, find solutions. To provide the customers with the important information at the right time. Always one step ahead of the competition. That is our claim to ourselves. In concrete terms, this means asking the right questions, gathering the necessary information and evaluating them in order to prepare entrepreneurial decisions.

JANUS selectively collects information in the context of strategic decision-making processes:

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Coaching for C.I. and M.I. departments
  • Defense against corporate destabilations

Geopolitical Consulting for Executives

JANUS combines geopolitics with business to meet the long-term planning and organizational needs of our customers. We help executives assess the political, economic and financial environment by predicting changes and future conditions and identifying key disruptive trends:

  • Situation analysis
  • Global and regional trend analysis

Competitive Analysis

Analysis of competitors regarding:

  • Organization and strategy
  • Skills and reputation of products and services
  • Comparative Rating: SWOT
  • Analyzing and evaluating the behavior and intentions of a competitor, such as products, markets, alliances, restructurings

Market Analysis

Information on markets and technologies, investigation of the company environment in concrete projects (tenders, negotiations, technology transfer, etc.), development of new business opportunities while managing the associated risks: We support our customers in:

  • Identification of market opportunities
  • Development of market strategies
  • Implementation of best practices
  • Creation and validation of business plans and market launch planning.