Top view of business crisis manager stopping falling dominos from collapsing. Over navy blue background.

Threat Prevention – Crisis Resolution

It happens over and over. The unthinkable happens. JANUS supports its customers as a valuable partner in the following risks and threats.

JANUS stands for respected information-based consulting focused on the early detection, analysis and assessment of risk and crisis factors. This allows our customers to take preventative measures against harmful incidents and processes.

Whenever possible, JANUS will help stop harmful processes and incidents from occurring. In the event of damage, JANUS offers concepts and advice for minimizing damage and business continuity.

We offer our customers holistic solutions: from prevention through de-escalation to coping with the crisis and the fastest possible return to daily business.

Kidnap & Ransom
Gun lying on the table. Man in black gloves holding bullets. Illegal drug selling. Criminal problems. Dollars.
Organised Crime
Street Sign the Direction Way to Security versus Terror
Dangerous Hooded Hacker Breaks into Government Data Servers and Infects Their System with a Virus. His Hideout Place has Dark Atmosphere, Multiple Displays, Cables Everywhere.
thief stealing confidential files in an office
Disaster Recovery Cloud Server Data Loss Prevention Concept Background
Data Breach
Render illustration of Product Liability title on Legal Documents
Product Recall
Hands in blue gloves, injecting the fluid from the syringe into the fruit, genetically modified engineering, GMO
Product Extortion
Doctor holding a card with text Food Safety, medical concept
Product Contamination
Businessman receive money under the table - anti bribery and corruption concepts
Ransomware in code
Industrial espionate concept with masked businessman
Burglary. Skilful professional masked burglar opening a window and holding a torch and breaking into the house
Ukraine, Kiev, 22 January 2014: a clash of radical Protestants Maidan right sector with riot police forces of Yanukovych in the street Grushevskogo - the conflict moved to the street fighting
Wrench in the machine
Image of a time bomb against dark background. Timer counting down to detonation illuminated in a shaft light shining through the darkness, conceptual image
Bomb Threat
rebel militant terrorist guerrilla concept
Crisis Region Evacuation

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Success likes preparation. It is far more easy to fail than to succeed. True security is the certitude that plans and project will work as expected without relying on luck or chance

Bernd Oliver Buehler
Managing Partner