“I believe that the prime responsibility of a a manager is to guard constantly against other people‘s attacks and to inculcate this guadrian attitude in the people under his or her management.

Andy Grove, Co-Founder INTEL

Companies are increasingly exposed to fierce competition and specific risks (espionage, crime and corruption). In addition, they have to deal with an increasingly insecure world (political risks, terrorism and war). Our advice makes risk management and business processes a substantial competitive advantage for our clients.

Risk Assessment

Consideration of personal, material, technical and organizational circumstances and inventory of all existing risks for the company. These include, among others:
• General risk analysis and assessment of safety-related business risks (political, criminal and informational risks as well as vulnerability to crises)
• Definition of the company’s security goals
• Comparison of the actual state with the actual protection requirements
• Review and evaluation of the regulations (policies, guidelines, etc.)
• Optimization of rules, structures and processes
• Assistance with recruitment and selection of service

Corporate Security
In cooperation with our customers, we neutralize or minimize the specific business risks and create the conditions for trouble-free and secure business processes. We help you with:
• Recognition and assessment of relevant risks in Germany and abroad.
• Enable business in high-risk regions and countries
• Protection against politically motivated attacks and avoidance of reputation-damaging disinformation campaigns.
• Protection of business processes and intellectual property, from product development to product marketing
• Defense against espionage activities
• Avoidance of property-damaging and criminal attacks
• Establish and improve effective crisis management

Information protection and know-how protection
Know-how and strategic-tactical market and competitive knowledge are essential for the success of companies. The protection of this knowledge and otherwise sensitive information is therefore one of the most important and important tasks of an effective risk and crisis management. We help you with:
• Assessment of existing information protection standards and related structures and processes
• Development or optimization of the necessary information protection concept including rules and regulations (Policies and Guidelines)
• Technical eavesdropping at confidential meetings and conferences
• Methodical training of employees
• Evaluate and optimize the backup of data centers and back-up data centers
• Evaluation and optimization of IT security processes including guidelines (guidelines)
• Organization of informational output management (documents, mail, e-mail, printer, copier, fax, etc.)

 Secure Supply Chain and Logistics
A company is only successful if its supply chain and logistics are functional, efficient and resilient. JANUS supports its customers in the following areas:
• Supply Chain Security & Aviation Security
• Air cargo security (Regulated agent, known consignor)
• AEO status (recognition, maintenance)
• Transport and warehouse organization
• Training of employees and contractors
• Identification of transport damage and loss, recovery of stolen goods.
• Creating alternatives for interruptions of logistics chains.

 Site Security – Creating a Defense Plan
JANUS also supports companies in all aspects of site security. For this we offer:
• Holistic operational safety concepts
• Construction and operation of security control centers and operations controls
• Organization concepts, job descriptions, electronic security consulting, site security software and policies
• Concepts for integrated authorization management systems for own staff and visitors
• Guidelines for the effective and cost-conscious use of external companies in safety and security processes
• Event Security Consulting
• Carry out location-based risk and hazard analyzes
• Development of a site-specific „Defense Plan“
• Accompaniment during audits (C-TPAT: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, AEO: Authorized Economic Operator)