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Our Mission

Prevent Threats And Master Crisis

JANUS helps to overcome crisis with the aim of getting back to business as
quickly as possible.

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Identify And Neutralize Risks

JANUS supports you as a customer in the early detection and prevention of risks and threats to your company.

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Protect And Improve Competitiveness

Together with you we develop strategies, goals and measures thatoptimize your business processes.

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Our Solutions

Crisis Management

Before, during and after the crisis A crisis is not a „normal problem“ but an unexpected event that requires quick decisions. The pressure of time increases, events occur and overlap, uncertainty grows, relationships change constantly, decision-makers are exposed to increased stress as the decision-making and negotiation. Crisis Management Consulting: Help for self-help JANUS assists in

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Operational Support

Attacks on the business and political environment have become more numerous and more complex. Very often, especially in international activities, local governments can not provide protection for companies and their employees. JANUS Consultants have a strong track record in defending of exposed companies as well as in the protection of executives and their families. We

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Business Protection ExpertsJANUS Consulting

Our Clients

JANUS supports a multitude of different customer networks in the management of risks, threats and crises.



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About Us

JANUS is the God of Vigilance. Vigilance is the basis for Security. Security is the basis for Success.

JANUS Consulting is a leading internationally operating Private Intelligence and Security Advisory Firm.with offices in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Rabat and Johannesburg.

JANUS helps its customers to identify and neutralize potential threats. Our experts are well-versed in combating all forms of enterprise threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

JANUS specializes in the early detection of political, security and integrity risks. We provide our clients with solutions that help them capitalize on their opportunities and achieve their goals despite a risky and challenging environment. We provides compact, integrative and customized security solutions that take into account the market operations and business strategy.

Enterprises, their assets and resources today are exposed to a growing, diverse and complex risk environment on the global market (aggressive / illegal forms of competition, industrial espionage, IP theft, corruption, crime and political / armed conflicts).

The dissolution of traditional markets and the competition associated with economic globalization definitely require a new kind of risk and crisis management.

We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital. This usually consists of some or all of our services. This is a service that is heavily regulated.

We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital. This usually consists of some or all of our services. This is a service that is heavily regulated.



Robust Expertise

Our consultants are well versed in security, compliance, intelligence, law, politics and crisis management and are experienced „troubleshooters“.


International Experience

Our consultants are proven experts with the handling of potential threats to businesses across continents.


Reliable Networks

JANUS has reliable sources and a sound network of political and administrative decision-makers at national and international level.

Our Offices



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