JANUS Consulting


Working successful at
home and abroad.

The mission of JANUS is clear and determined: we help companies realize their full potential for growth without endangering their employees, their tangible and intangible assets. We are improving our clients’ risk and crisis management processes, and thus their resilience and ability to operate successfully even in times of volatile markets.

We focus on advisory and coordination services, including strategic and operational concepts, as well as good practice training / training (guidance and simulation for risk and crisis management). We value our customers being able to act on their own.

Nevertheless, JANUS provides operational services in exceptional situations of complex and difficult threats, as our understanding of consulting is characterized by a strong commitment to the specific needs and requirements of the client. That is our promise to the customer’s trust. We want our clients to be fit and able to work not only under normal and regular conditions, but also in exceptional and stressful conditions. We want your success.

Security Consulting

Crisis Management

Operational Support

Corporate Investigation

Compliance Investigation

Corporate intelligence

Digital Intelligence

Digital Investigation


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