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Success is a journey, not a destination. It requires constant effort, vigilance and reevaluation.

Mark Twain, American Writer
The Beginning of a OUR JOURNEY

JANUS Consulting comes to life through a close-knit team of experienced Security and Intelligence Professionals. In these early days, our cases may be modest, and we recognize that honor and reputation must be earned.

This marks the humble initiation of our journey—a human adventure where each small case becomes a meaningful step forward. Our commitment lies in proving our capabilities, building trust, and growing our reputation with integrity. At JANUS, we understand that success is a gradual process, and we embrace the path of earning respect through dedicated efforts and reliable service.

First Mayor Recognition

In 2007, JANUS earned significant acclaim for its pivotal role in safeguarding the interests of a corporation under scrutiny in an SEC investigation. Widely acknowledged by business insiders, our exceptional investigation results in combating corruption and white-collar crime brought prominence to the company.

This recognition marked a milestone for JANUS, highlighting our commitment to excellence and effectiveness in navigating complex legal landscapes. The successful defense of our client's interests underscored our dedication to delivering impactful solutions in the realm of corporate security and intelligence.


In 2010, JANUS demonstrated its unwavering commitment to safety by orchestrating the secure return of a prominent European Consortium to the Iraq War Zone. 

This operation enabled the resumption of business activities on-site, showcasing JANUS's proficiency in providing a bulletproof solution for complex security challenges. This achievement underscored our dedication to ensuring the safety and success of our clients, even in high-risk environments.


In 2011, JANUS gained prominence within professional circles for its discreet and effective management of intricate cases involving white-collar crime and industrial espionage.

This marked a significant milestone, showcasing JANUS's expertise in counter-intelligence and its ability to navigate the complexities of corporate security with discretion and efficacy. The recognition solidified our position as a trusted partner in safeguarding businesses against sophisticated threats in the ever-evolving landscape of corporate risk.


In 2014, JANUS solidified its reputation as a dependable business partner for international brand groups.

Our expertise proved invaluable as we assisted in identifying and combatting brand counterfeiting and product piracy. This marked a crucial role for JANUS in the realm of anti-fraud efforts, emphasizing our commitment to protecting the integrity and authenticity of brands on the global stage. The trust placed in us by international brand groups underscored JANUS's effectiveness in addressing complex challenges related to counterfeit and pirated products.

Integrity Pays

In 2016, JANUS emerged as a pioneer in preventive investigations, taking a proactive stance in areas such as Compliance Investigations, Integrity and M&A Due Diligence Checks, as well as Executive Pre-Employment and Business Partner Screenings.

This marked a strategic shift toward ensuring integrity as a fundamental pillar of corporate success. JANUS's dedication to preemptive measures showcased our commitment to maintaining ethical standards and enhancing business resilience in an ever-evolving corporate landscape.

To the top

In 2018, JANUS took its commitment to the next level by offering interim top management services. 

Acting as Chief Compliance Officer or Chief Executive Officer, JANUS provided a strategic advantage to companies seeking a robust approach to Governance, Risk, and Compliance. This initiative allowed our clients to concentrate fully on developing their business potential while ensuring a secure and compliant operational framework under the guidance of JANUS's experienced interim leadership.

15 years of success in the market

As we celebrated our 15th year in 2020, JANUS stood as an established business partner and an internationally recognized brand.

Over the years, our experts have consistently been sought after, with regular quotations in both national and international media. This milestone not only marked a journey of sustained success but also reinforced JANUS's reputation as a trusted authority in the fields of security, intelligence, and corporate resilience on the global stage.


In 2023, JANUS redefined its security approach through the introduction of Integrated Security solutions. 

Seamlessly combining physical and IT security measures, we crafted a holistic framework that addresses modern threats comprehensively. This innovative approach reflects JANUS's unwavering commitment to leading security practices, ensuring our clients benefit from a unified and robust strategy that safeguards assets in both physical and digital realms.

JANUS furthered its commitment to holistic security solutions, with JANUS Consulting GmbH playing a pivotal role in co-founding VISUALIZE IT Systemhaus GmbH. This pioneering endeavor integrates efficient IT-Administration, holistic IT-Security, and advanced IT-Equipment.

The strategic collaboration represents a forward-looking initiative, merging expertise to enhance Integrated Security measures that unify physical and IT security realms. JANUS's involvement underscores our dedication to shaping the future of comprehensive security solutions, setting the standard for efficient and advanced IT practices.

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