Attacks on the business and political environment have become more numerous and more complex. Very often, especially in international activities, local governments can not provide protection for companies and their employees.

JANUS can look back on many years of experience in the company of exposed companies as well as in the protection of executives and their families. We offer individual solutions that are adapted to the respective threat situation of the customer and his security needs. We provide assistance with:

Safety of executives and their families:

The personal safety of executives, their families and employees remains the key to success. Our claim is to maximize security and minimize invasion of privacy. We offer u.a.

  • Individual hazard analysis
  • Protection and safety measures
  • Accompaniment and watch
  • Awareness raising, education and training of employees and relatives

Traveling in crisis regions:

JANUS continuously conducts a situational analysis of the potential and current risks associated with terrorism, espionage, sabotage and organized crime (TESSOC) in the economic region and helps develop appropriate conservation strategies.

  • Preparation and protection of the journey

Working in countries with increased security risk

On special request we accompany you after the Pre-Screening with your projects or other activities in these countries.

  • Political and security-related support from business initiation to the secure and successful implementation of the necessary structures and processes
  • Support in the selection and evaluation of suitable locations
  • Inspection of infrastructure and local staff
  • Robust, tailor-made security concepts for the sites and processes envisaged
  • Technical support for maximum on-site security
  • Preparation and implementation of evacuation processes in case of crisis

Danger to the life and limb of employees
In cases of attacks, incidents in regional organizations or natural disasters, especially abroad, JANUS offers comprehensive support in acute risk and crisis situations such as kidnappings, ransom demands or emergency clearances from crisis areas (coordination and / or operations).